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Our Bengal Cats and Kittens are our number one priority. They are well cared for, loved, as well as trained for proper kitty manners.

Lucky 1st Bengals June 2020

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Theresa Primo

Theresa Primo



I started this adventure a long time ago a very kind lady like the way her African cats interacted with me so she gave me one They virtually looked like a miniature panther. So as time went on they where believed to be extinct.

I was now retired and heard that an African cat (female) was seen in Florida. It was at this time I found out that the Asian leopard cat was losing most of the land they hunted on and activists where worried they where soon becoming endanger.

Looking into them I found the Bengal breed started by a scientist. He was breeding an Asian leopard cat with all hopes of breeding out disease. He would then give the kittens to Jean mills who would get them recognitions by the international cat association.

This is how I began my journey with the Bengal Kittens in 2015.

For every Bengal Kitten that finds a loving home I will donate $100 to the Wounded Warrior Project.

Theresa Primo


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